North Korea: An Beautiful Contry

North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a country in east Asia, in the North-en part of the Korean Peninsula. The name Korea is derived from the Kingdom of Goguryeo. The capital and largest city is Pyongyang The country was improving its nuclear weapons “in quality and quantity”, state-run news agency KCNA reported. Yongbyon’s reactor was shut down in 2007 but Pyongyang vowed to restart it in 2013, following its third nuclear test and amid high regional tensions.

The reactor has been the source of plutonium for North Korea’s nuclear weapons programm. Experts believe that if re-started, the reactor could make one bomb’s worth of plutonium per year. The announcement about Yongbyon is the first official confirmation from North Korea that it has restarted operations there. A US think-tank said earlier this year that satellite images suggested that work had started at the plant.

The following picture will tell us a little bit about the normal life of the “Most secret country on the World “. From my side, I see this people here is node different with the other of the world, they still have a good life, peace and civilize. Only they just don’t use smart phone, live in city and use a lot of medical. And industry in Nord-Korea still not develop so they will have more fresh air than other country.


Streets in the capital Pyongyang are spacious and clean. I have a felling that this is 1980 year. When I look this picture make me miss the past.


The main crossroads in the city always had female traffic police on duty.


North-Korean people dress simple but elegant, with a badge always mounted on the chest. That prove that the people in Nord-Korea is absolutely loyall with their goverment. This is an achievement of Nord-Korea goverment which we not see in many country.


Ancient features a village in Korea.


North Korea is focusing on developing heavy industry. The country is self-sufficient demand for locomotives, cars and other types of agricultural machinery and basic.


A couple take wedding photo with the tower holder.


Brings together thousands of participants, Arirang ensembles express the solidarity and strength of the country.


North Korea is indicating it is near that stage, but there is no evidence that this is more than sabre-rattling right now.

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